Darian Sandmartin
Edtech enthusiast, YouTuber, IELTS trainer
Hey! My name is Darian Sandmartin and I am the founder of the World Speaks English community. I am excited to help you achieve the dream live abroad and assist on the challenging IELTS preparation journey.
5 years

Teaching experience

IELTS first attempt score
250 students

Scored 7+ on IELTS
To help as many people as possible to pass IELTS with 7+ and pursue their dreams abroad
Everyone has a right to accessible education regardless of their background, gender, age, financial abilities or nation
I am half-Russian, half-Ukrainian and had become fluent in English without going abroad before I decided to apply for the best Master in Management programme in Europe that is CEMS at St. Gallen University in Switzerland. One of the requirements was Academic IELTS, so I managed to prepare very fast with my own strategies in under 3.5 weeks and get an 8.0 band score on my first attempt. My precise result was
Reading 9.0, Listening 9.0, Writing 7.0, Speaking 7.5. While I lacked only 0.5 in Speaking to get the overall 8.5, I decided (quite randomly) to share my experience on YouTube: books, strategies, materials that I used.
This is how World Speaks English started.
Opinions of my students
I can't thank you enough for your generosity in sharing those books and resources for IELTS, and of course your videos on your YouTube channel. Because of that, I got a higher band score than I needed... on the first attempt. I'm your number 1 fan, and one of those followers whose lives have been changed because of you!
Junie Ferrer
English has been such a problem for me for a while! I almost gave up on my dream to get admitted to a university abroad. Luckily, I stumbled upon Darian's channel on YouTube and contacted her directly. She helped me to brush up on my lanuage skills (we had a month of lessons) and to get my CV and motivation letter ready. Aaaand a week ago I received the letter of admission to the University of Lisbon!
Lisa Bragina
I remember how shy I was to speak English and how stressful IELTS preparation used to be for me! Thankfully, after I took a couple of Speaking mock tests at WSE and got a speaking partner from them, my confidence received the long-overdue boost. Now it's no problem for me to speak to strangers in Canada and I can safely say my fluency improved a great deal! Thank you.
Sarah Ruwen
Thank you for helping with my English! I took the Rocket IELTS course, because IELTS was a requirement for my UK visa. I successfully got 7.5 overall and now ready to qualify as a nurse in Britain! By the way, I used many free WSE materials as well - they are priceless! Everyone truly has a chance to change their life.
Lola Nixon
Saudi Arabia
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