Reading module
Video lessons with step-by-step approach to IELTS success
We are solving together the Academic Reading mock test, with answers and explanations. The difficulty level is authentic and suitable for 2019 and 2020 tests.
We are solving together the General Reading mock test, with answers and explanations. You will also get my tips and strategies that allowed me to achieve 9.0 on Reading!
I bring you 5 advanced idioms with examples and explanations to boost your English. You will also find them useful when solving IELTS Reading.
I got 9.0 on Reading in the first attempt and I want to share some amazing tips with you which helped me to get overall band score 8.0!
Let's solve a full-time IELTS Reading test together! This is an Academic module test and I share my tips and techniques as to how to solve it. It usually takes me around 50 minutes to solve the full IELTS Reading test.
We will solve a real IELTS test sample for Matching Headings, because this seems to be a hot topic for students. And I will also show how to deal with this segment of IELTS Reading section in order to get band score 9.0.
Some crucial tips on comprehending the text and spotting the right answer right away.
Here I explain how to solve the Yes/No/Not Given questions in the Reading section of IELTS with examples.
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