In this WSE 001 podcast episode I am walking you through the sample questions and answers for the topic "Hometown"
WSE 001 Hometown
WSE 001 Hometown · World Speak English Podcast  · 00:16:44
Task 1
Answer the questions:

  • Describe your hometown.
  • Where is your hometown located?
  • Is it easy to travel around your hometown?
  • What is it known for?
  • What do people in your town do?
Task 2
Describe your hometown. You should say:

  • What the place is like
  • What is special about it
  • Compare it to other cities in the world
Task 3
Answer the questions:

  • In what ways can you improve your hometown?
  • What is the main reason for liking a hometown other than the fact you were born there?
  • Most people in this world do not live in their hometowns. Why?
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