In this WSE 004 podcast episode I am walking you through the sample questions and answers for the topic "Media"
WSE 004 Media
WSE 004 Media · World Speak English Podcast  · 00:12:36
Task 1
Answer the questions:

  • Where do you usually get the news from?
  • Do you read magazines? Which ones?
  • Do you often read newspapers?
  • In which kinds of circumstances do you usually listen to the radio?
  • What is the most credible media source?
Task 2
Answer the questions:

  • Which podcast do you often listen to?
  • What is its name?
  • What is it about?
  • Why do you listen to it?

    And say what you think could be improved about it.
Task 3
Answer the questions:

  • Do large media organizations have too much influence and what makes you believe that?
  • What is the most important media source for people in your country and of your age?
  • How important are newspapers? What is their future in the age of the Internet?
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