In this WSE 007 podcast episode I am walking you through the sample questions and answers for the topic "Money"
WSE 007 Money
WSE 007 Money · World Speaks English Podcast  · 00:16:16
Task 1
Answer the questions:

  • Do you like shopping?
  • Have you bought anything interesting recently?
  • How important is money to you?
  • Do you think you will have lots of money in future?
  • Would you like to become rich someday?
  • Do you think it is ok to lend money to friends or family members?
  • Are you good at saving money?
  • Do you invest your spare money?
  • Do you think financial literacy is at the high level aross generations?
Task 2
Describe something you want to buy but can't afford. You should say:

  • what you would like to buy
  • how much it costs
  • why you can't afford it and explain if there is any other way you could acquire it
Task 3
Answer the questions:

  • How much money is enough?
  • What problems does money cause in your society?
  • Do young people nowadays believe in saving money? Is it difficult for them?
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