IELTS Speaking Mock Test
Do you know your Speaking level and band score?
Do you know
That 80% of IELTS test-takers struggle with improving their Speaking skills?
No English surrounding
It is very hard to immerse yourself to the English atmosphere when living in a country where few people speaking English
Strong foreign accent
People who do not interact with English natives on a daily basis tend to have strong accents that are difficult to get rid of
No reliable speaking partner
It is not obvious where to find a diligent speaking partner who is also dedicated to improvement and wants to practice with you
Your own fears and doubts
Students often face negative beliefs about their English: poor vocabulary, bad accent, low fluency, faulty grammar
Inability to check your level
This is almost impossible to correctly benchmark your own Speaking level, which makes students over- or underestimate their skills and fail the test
It is not effective to practice speaking if you do not know your current level
IELTS Speaking Mock Test will show your current level
You will know what kinds of questions to expect on your real IELTS test and whether you are ready for them
You will get a band score based on the official IELTS band descriptors
You will learn your strenghts and weaknesses in Speaking
You will know precisely what grammar and vocabulary to improve
As a result

You will stop panicking, regaining control and confidence over your preparation, get your IELTS band score benchmark
What is IELTS Speaking Mock Test?
The best way to clearly gauge your speaking
Full evaluation report
Receive a report with full evaluation, your band score and areas for improvement
Video format
A 30-minutes online talk with a professional evaluator in the exam-like conditions
IELTS assessment criteria
Your performance will be assess based on the official IELTS scoring system
Book IELTS Speaking Mock Test
And get a bonus!
A free intensive mini-course on improving your speaking
How will you benefit?
No more fear of the unknown
You will find out what questions to expect, how the real IELTS Speaking test is conducted and what to work towards
Learn your weak points
Everyone can achieve fluency even practicing in front of the mirror, but to do that effectively you must know what to focus on in your preparation
Get practical advice on what to improve
A solid step-by-step plan of achieving your Speaking target score makes your preparation much more productive
Check your pronunciation
Learn more about how to improve your pronunciation to sound like a native
Save money on retaking IELTS
It is expensive to take the test again if you fail, so why to risk? Make sure you get the target score from the first time!
IELTS Speaking Mock Test checks
Grammar Range
  • How naturally and appropriately do you use grammar structures
  • How many error-free sentences do you produce and how wide is the range of grammar you utilise
Lexical Resource
  • How flexible and precise you are when using vocabulary in different topics
  • How naturally and accurately you use idiomatic language
  • How effectively you paraphrase
  • How precise and full is your rand of pronunciation features (including intonation)
  • How effortless it is to understand your accent
  • If you mispronounce any word
Fluency and Coherence
  • How fluently you speak and how often you correct yourself
  • How many cohesive devices you use and how coherent your speech is
Book IELTS Speaking Mock Test
And get a bonus!
A free intensive mini-course on improving your speaking
Frequently Asked Questions
When the test is conducted?
You choose the time that is suitable for you. The test will take 30 minutes.
What will I receive in the end?
After the test is finished you will get a report with your:
  • strenghts
  • weaknesses
  • areas for improvement
  • band score
How is my band score calculated?
Our evaluators will rate your speaking based on 4 official criteria for IELTS Speaking assessment:
  • Grammar Range
  • Lexical Resource
  • Fluency and Coherence
  • Pronunciation
Who will conduct my test?
You will work with an evaluator (a professional English / IELTS teacher) who will conduct the test as IELTS examiners do.
10 Tips on How to Improve
Your Speaking at Home
This guide will help you solve all problems that you face when practicing speaking at home on yourself - learn how to save money on training!
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