Find a speaking partner
Here you can submit an application for a suitable speaking partner - we will take into account your preferences
Your perfect speaking partner is ready to meet you and build a mutually beneficial practice routine.
How do we define a perfect speaking partner?
This is a person who you are comfortable with talking and who shares your passion for the language improvement.
On this page you can submit a request for a specific person who fits your needs - with certain English level, of certain gender or age.
Here is why you need a speaking partner
It is much better to speak with a real person who can share their experiences, feelings, jokes and eventually - make new friends all over the world!
You will have someone by your side who is as interested in succeeding as you are. They will correct your mistakes and offer ways of improvement.
You are not alone - there are thousands of people worldwide who also learn English in the WSE Community. Become one of them!
How it works
Describe yourself
Tell us your name, level of English and major preferences
Describe your partner
Let us know more about what you expect in a partner - their English level, gender, age and more
Submit the request
It is free! We will try to find you a person who fulfils the criteria as fast as possible
Check your mailbox
We will send you credentials of the speaking partner we found via email. Now you can start practicing!
Send a request
Please submit details about you for us to match two people for effective speaking practice
About yourself
Facebook or Instagram page
Your English level
Your age
Your gender
About your expected partner
We will select people close to your age
Their gender
Anything else that is important for you
Please note. The matching is done by hand and it takes time (at least 1-2 days). We have real people who read every request and try to make the best matches. Frequently, there is asymmetry in terms of requests distribution (normally, there are 2 times more male profiles than females), therefore we try to match everyone based on their English level primarily - because this helps to create mutual benefitial practice for effective improvement.
If you think there is no email for a long time - always check the spam folder, it might be there.

You are receiving a free service - please be patient and thankful, not demanding and critisizing.
Rules of polite communication with a speaking partner
This service is created to help people practice their English and develop better speaking skills. Mutual respect is obligatory in this process. When you get the partner's email, make sure to reach out first, thank the person for their willingness to help and discuss the future plan of action. Remember, it is important to ask when the partner will take IELTS (or have any other deadline) to adjust to their schedule.
Reporting policy
If you have encountered an unfaithful person who harasses you or abuses your contact in any way, make sure you report his / her email to us (just reply to our email). We will ban this person from our speaking partners database.
Everything is free
Never pay anyone for the WSE speaking partner matching service! If anyone asks you for money in return for their practice with you - act at your own risk (we advise to discontinue talking to such person and find someone else).
Accuracy of matching
We will try our best to match people effectively, so that everyone gets a perfect speaking partner. However, the process may take some time if your specifications are too narrow. Please, do not submit more than one request. We have already received your first one and are working on it.
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