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9 steps to describe a graph

1. Read the title and the image of the diagram, and paraphrase it – this will be your Introduction.
2. Find similarities and differences, assign data to groups, describing the diagram in detail – this will be your main body of text.
3. Add sequencing words to your text in order to connect your descriptive sentences and make it flow better. (For example: next, once, additionally).
4. Make sure to include Passive Form in the description to define an action that is done.
5. Make sure you paraphrase all the time through your essay to avoid redundancy and repetition.
6. Include conditionals and adverb clauses to indicate possible outcomes when describing the diagram.
7. Use more linking words to make your essay cohesive and coherent (For example: therefore, however, although, nevertheless).
8. Write a clear summary of the principle idea of the diagram in one short paragraph - your conclusion.
9. Read through your written work to check for any errors.