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Academic IELTS | Writing Task 1 | Describe a graph with me

Here is the essay that I wrote for this post specifically. 

Remember, there are 4 things that you’re graded for: Task Achievement (25%), Coherence & Cohesion (25%), Lexical Resource (25%), Grammar Range (25%). Watch the video to learn about the strategies I used to write it and what special words and grammar make this essay a high-level one.

The graph below shows the top priorities by business companies in the USA in 2016 Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features and make comparisons where relevant.


The bar chart depicts business activities that were perceived as the most important by US businesses in 2016 The companies are grouped into three segments according to the size of their staff – extra small ones where up to 25 employees work, medium ones with 26 to 200 employees and the largest firms with 201 and more employees.
Overall, two most popular activities for American companies are to do with capturing and retaining perspective clients – this was reported by the average of 75% of respondents irrespective of their size. However, only approximately 26% admitted that reducing the customer acquisition cost is essential to their business, which makes this activity the least
important among all.
Clearly, making existing leads pay and increasing the number of new ones is the most pressing issue for beginners and medium-size companies. Working on profitability of marketing campaigns and upselling existing clients takes the second place - disclose around 50% of companies of all sizes. Interestingly, the importance of these activities augments with the company size. The same dynamic is shown when it comes to decreasing the cost of new customers (only 22% of small companies reported that compared to 30% large firms).

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