WSE Heroes

WSE Hero - February 2020

This is Najeeb. He is a Mechanical Engineer and a Researcher - quite a busy man with many responsibilities. So he didn't have much time for IELTS preparation. However, his example is for lots us to take - his determination allowed to first move abroad for Master's and then - for PhD!

His first uni abroad was in China (thanks to the full-funded scholarship that he received!) which he was able to get in because he scored 7.0 on IELTS Academic. After completing his Master's with distinction, he aimed at a US university to continue his PhD research. He improved his IELTS results and scored 7.5 this time, opening himself doors to the Griffith University of Auckland 🎉 

Parallel to the IELTS prep, he also worked hard on the GRE test, which turned out much more difficult than IELTS 💪🏻 
He is thankful to the WSE video lessons that helped him to get the required score in IELTS first attempt 👏🏻