WSE Heroes

WSE Hero - July 2020

Meet Monday Kennedy from Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

He has longed to sit for the IELTS test since his university graduation, in order to continue the educational path overseas. Around March 2020 he got a call from the test centre that he had booked to take the test at on April 18th. Prior to that date he had not been preparing in any way, so he had barely 3 weeks to learn all the IELTS-required skills and try to successfully sit the test.

He began searching for any credible materials whatsoever to rely on and start the preparation. When looking for information about IELTS online, he saw a video on YouTube from Darian Sandmartin - being impressed by the quality and educational value he followed the WSE Community on Telegram and tried to implement all recommendations about IELTS.

When it was just a week left until the test, it was cancelled because of the COVID-19 pandemic. So, Monday continued his preparation and rescheduled the test to June, 27. With the support from the WSE Community and the materials shared on the Telegram channel, he was able to perform very well at the test and got band score 7.0 overall for the IELTS Academic!