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Why Reading feels the most difficult on IELTS?

Let's face it - the majority of candidates deem Reading the most difficult module on IELTS. I personally don't think so, because modules where you operate already given information and don't have to improvise (Reading and Listening) are much easier than the other two that require using your knowledge of grammar and structuring.

Here is one reason why you might fail in Reading desperately. You are not used to analyzing everything you read on the daily basis. In the age of information, we consume it insanely fast in large amounts, not having time to stop and think: "What have I just read?"

The logic of IELTS Reading tests our ability to clearly understand what we read, simultaneously answering questions like "what is the main idea", "what was mentioned in the paragraph and what was omitted", "what is the author's point of view", etc. Therefore, spend more time reading your favorite articles and question your understanding every now and then. This will greatly improve your IELTS Reading performance.