WSE Heroes

WSE Hero - December 2019

This is Ahmad from Syria. 
One year ago, he started preparing for the Academic IELTS. His goals were to get an IELTS score before graduation so that would give him a great advantage in the future. He also saw benefits in improving his English level in general. 
Once he was browsing the Internet and stumbled upon our YouTube channel where he found video lessons that proved useful for his preparation. He reached out to contact me for clarification in some modules and was pleased with the fact it's so easy to communicate with an online trainer (you can literally just text me on any social media!). 
Regarding the WSE community - he made sure to benefit from members' experiences and established some frienships along the way 🤝 
He has recently achieved 6.5 overall just in time before his graduation, so now he enjoys a significant advantage over his peers when it comes to applying for Master's degree! 🎓