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General & Academic IELTS | Writing Task 2 | Write an essay with me

Here is the essay that I wrote for this post specifically. Remember, there are 4 things that you’re graded for: Task Achievement (25%), Coherence & Cohesion (25%), Lexical Resource (25%), Grammar Range (25%). Watch the video to learn about the strategies I used to write it and what special words and grammar make this essay a high-level one. 

Some people think that it is the responsibility of governments to take care of the environment, while others believe that it is the responsibility of people to take care of the environment.
Discuss both views and give your opinion. 

Presently, there are certain people, who opine that governments are responsible for dealing with the impact humans make on the environment. Others strongly believe that individuals are accountable for it. In this essay, I will debate the two viewpoints and suggest my opinion.
According to many, state governmental organs must be obligated to control and fight the consequences of human activities on Earth. Evidently, these directly affect the environment and sometimes present serious problems for whole regions or ecosystems. One of the strongest arguments that underpins the idea of governmental responsibility is that the authorities have access to abundant resources on a large scale – people, finances, infrastructure, and of course – legislative capacity. For instance, such degree of power allows Germany to make a noticeable ecological impact in any industry.
On the other hand, more and more people are of the opinion that we as individuals should be environmentally conscious, making sure our actions do not destroy the atmosphere around us. Indeed, this is quite a strong position, because every person is a building block of society, and the shift in personal behaviour of everyone will inevitably result in substantial changes of social norms. One prominent example is the movement “Eco Scouts” that unites those who are not indifferent to the state of our planet. Hence, the members strive to follow the “zero waste” concept, raising awareness about recycling and eco-friendly agriculture.
In conclusion, one can argue that the most obvious decision would be to transfer the environmental responsibility to governments, given their access to resources. Nevertheless, I firmly believe that any valid change starts from individual awareness and action. Therefore, I consciously try to decrease my ecological footprint and invite my friends to follow suit.

Word count: 285